Can I choose who my roommates will be? 

Yes. Those who are just starting their student housing experience will be able to choose who they share a room with. You will let us know who you wish to have as your roommate on your application. If you do not have a specific person picked out to be your roommate, we will choose one for you. We try to always match students with others who share the same or similar interests. We get details about your interests from information gathered off of your application form. So it is very important that you are as truthful as you can be when filling out your application if you do not already have a roommate chosen.

Can I transfer to another apartment within the housing program? 

Yes. It is our main concern that all of the students are able to enjoy their stay while they are taking part in the housing program. If there is an opening in an apartment building that you wish to move to, all you will need to do in order to transfer is get in contact with our housing specialists. They will do their best to make sure that you get in the room that you desire so that your satisfaction will be guaranteed during your stay with us.

Can I bring a pet into my student housing apartment?

No. Aside from fish in an aquarium, there are no pets allowed in the student housing apartments. Students can face several different penalties that could result in a possible eviction if there is any type of pets on the premises. Please refer to your student housing lease for more information on why pets are not allowed.

Can I have my rent paid directly from financial aid?

It depends. Some schools offer this as an option and others do not. To find out if your school does, you will need to contact your financial aid adviser directly. If your school offers this, ask our housing department staff for a clearance form to sign so that we may deduct the funds automatically from your financial aid or other funding account so that you may be able to make your payments directly. This is a great way to set up your payments because you do not have to keep up with worrying about when the rent is due. The clearance process may have to be repeated each semester in order to make sure that you still qualify for the financial aid that you are receiving.

Can male and female students live together in the same apartment?

No. It is our policy that only same sex students live together in an apartment. Also, members of the opposite sex are not allowed to stay over as overnights guests either. Certain penalties may apply.

What happens if I leave student housing early?

There are many different student housing programs all over the country. Some of these places have leases that are annual while some leases are based on the school term or semester scheduling. There are also some student housing locations that offer a lease on a monthly basis. If you decide to leave during a school term or a monthly basis type lease, then you will be held responsible for paying the fees owed for the period that was contracted by the lease. Students who are on an annual lease will need to refer to the early termination section of your student contract as there are different terms that may apply for each individual situation. You will sometimes need to fulfill early termination criteria in order for your lease to be fulfilled successfully.

Can I bring a shotgun or any other weapons to my apartment?

No. Any and all weapons are banned from student housing. If you do not adhere our policy on weapons then you will be involved in a material breach of contract with the housing department which will likely lead to an eviction from student housing. It is highly advisable to pay attention and follow this rule if you wish to stay in your apartment.

Can I consume alcohol inside the student units?

No. When you sign the lease and other documents, you will be asked to sign a statement that implies that no drugs or alcohol will be consumed on the student housing premises. This rule applies to both students and their guests. Even if the student is over the legal drinking age, the use of drugs or alcohol is considered an offense and the punishment for breaking this rule will be eviction.

Should I get renters insurance?

Yes. In the end the decision is up to you, but we strongly suggest that all students who live in our apartments are covered by a renters insurance policy. This can be their own independent policy or they can choose to be covered by their parents homeowners insurance plan which typically offers this add-on for those who are interested. These policies are usually very affordable and will come in handy if you should ever need it. A member of the housing staff can provide you with a helpful list of insurance companies that offer rental insurance policies.

Can I choose which apartment I live in?

Yes, and No. We have a limited amount of units that are available in each student housing community. It is therefore impossible to be able to provide each student with their choice of apartment to live in. Each one of our student housing communities offer acceptable living space and amenities. We can attempt to place each student in their first or second choice of student housing groupings, but there are times when this process can not be done, especially if there are no openings available in the communities that you have chosen. If there happens to be an opening after you have moved in, then you are welcome to transfer over to that community if you wish.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

No. All of our student housing buildings are completely smoke-free. There are acceptable smoking areas outside of the apartment such as on balconies, in courtyards or parking areas however smoking inside any of our student housing accommodations is strictly prohibited.

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